Our beginnings

Twenty-five years ago, the company YAWAL – as one of first companies in the country – began manufacture of aluminium joinery from thermo-insulated profiles imported from the East Europe. Shortly after, ambitious plans were made, and preparations to develop and start the production of the company’s own and Polish system of aluminium profiles began. First batch of YAWAL System profiles was introduced to the market already in 1993.

YAWAL has been rapidly developing ever since – painting plant, and thermal bridge department were established, and system accessories production was started-up. YAWAL has been transferring from aluminium joinery manufacturer into system enterprise offering production material, modern technologies, training services together with software and professional assistance needed by the assembly plants for production of aluminium joinery.

Awards and distinctions

Already in 1995, high quality of goods and a comprehensive service provided by the company to the customers were appreciated. YAWAL was awarded with golden medal at the MTB BUDMA-95. Four years later, the company was also awarded with the “Złota Kielnia Profilów” award [“Golden Trowel of Profiles”].  The company was granted authorization to use the mark “Teraz Polska” [“Poland Now”] twice in 1995 and 1998. In 1998, the company won first position in the rank of “Przekrój” magazine and was awarded with “Złoty Grosz” [“Golden Grosz”]. Moreover, YAWAL was listed two more times on “Złota Piętnastka” [“Golden Fifteen”] of best companies who receive award in this rank.

In 2000, the company was granted the reward of the Bizness Center Club – Lider Polskiego Businesu [Leader of the Polish Business]. For many years, Yawal S.A. has been listed within “Złota 500” [“golden 500”] of largest private industrial companies in the rank of the monthly magazine Home&Market. A large distinction for the company was approving it to the group of most dynamically developing companies in 2007 – Gazele Biznesu [The Gazelles of Business].

Transformations and investments

In 1996, the resolution on change in the legal form of the company was passed. Ever since, YAWAL Spółka Akcyjna has been continuing business activity that was developed for 20 years by its predecessors – Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe YAWAL established in 1990, and YAWAL System Sp. z o.o. established in 1991.

In 1998, YAWAL S.A. established the company FINAL S.A., and in 1999 an investment in Dąbrowa Górnicza was carried out – aluminium profiles extrusion plant. In era of growing and more and more demanding competition, also from foreign companies which closely cooperate with YAWAL, as well as in result of growing market demand for architectonical systems of aluminium profiles, the time has come to carry out next investments involving warehouse and production infrastructure.

In July 1997, spacious warehouse halls were established in the building in Herby, and highly efficient powder painting plant equipped among others in modern waste treatment was started-up. Even then, Yawal S.A. was especially focusing on environmental protection. Subsequent years were also rich in investments: in 2006 construction of new press plant in Herby was begun, and on 26th June 2007, the plant was officially opened.

Rapidly developing market of aluminium profiles, and thus increasing demand for YAWAL products resulted in the fact that the company purchased FINAL S.A. company in 2008. Next year, in the plant in Herby, wood-like painting production line was started up, and in May 2010 vertical powder painting line was started-up. In 2011, mechanical processing plant and high storage warehouse were opened. The most recent investment involved starting-up the pre-fabrication plant.



In 2016, the company began rebranding process which translated into a new manner of communication with the market and into a total change of image.