The tests of the Building Research Institute of 2021 confirm it. The Yawal FA 50N system  is one of the best façade solutions!

At the end of the year the facade system manufactured by the company Yawal S.A. in four structural variants was tested by the Building Research Institute. In the result of the tests, the Polish system provider obtained four new classifications which confirm the excellent tightness parameters of its mullion and transom façades.

The following systems were subjected to tests:

  • FA 50N – a mullion and transom façade structure with standard aluminium strips from the outside,
  • FA 50N - a mullion and transom façade structure with the tilt-and-turn window based on the TM 77HI system
  • FA 50N SL – a mullion and transom façade structure with a silicone joint from outside
  • FA 50N SL – a mullion and transom façade structure with a silicone joint and a built in tilt-and-turn window based on the TM 77HI system

A well-thought through and reliable structure of the system

The FA 50N system, which is the basis for all other façades configurations at Yawal, is intended for constructing curtain walls of a mullion and transom structure. Glass panes are supported on the so called grid which is composed of vertical elements - mullions and horizontal elements - transoms. The components of the FA 50N system themselves save time of the manufacturer and lower production costs. The mullions are equipped with special “pockets” which facilitate prefabrication. The solution also facilitates the assembly of termination bars and facilitates the transoms assembly. Yawal carried out internal tests which were aimed at comparing time needed for prefabrication and installation of the FA 50N façade to the competitive solutions. Depending on the compared variant, prefabrication and the installation of the façade manufactured by Yawal allows for time saving between 10% and 15%, which can be directly translated to measurable financial benefits.

The effect of an all-glass surface

In the event the architectonic project requires eliminating visibility of aluminium elements from the outside, the FA 50N SL façade system of Yawal  is an ideal solution. Only an aesthetic and narrow silicone joint is visible in these area. This type of the façade, due to the lack of external aluminium strips which fix the glass, is installed by using special brackets cooperating with the elements hidden in the space between the glazed units. The innovative and unique nature of this solutions involves placing a special gasket in this space which cooperates with brackets and allows for maintaining a fixed distance between the assembly bracket and the external glass pane. In a result, the glass pane is presses to the grid in a controlled way.