Steelview System

STEELVIEW – a new system of thermally insulated aluminium profiles. It is designed for the construction of modern windows and balcony doors.

The basic feature of the new system is the slim, industrial character of windows and doors, and consequently maximum daylighting of rooms. Thus, the new product fits in perfectly with the emerging trend on the market that has been in place for several years of striving to achieve the highest possible level of transparency in construction. Light is healthy for the users. In this aspect, STEELVIEW is close to perfect.


  • window solution with a movable mullion,
  • possibility to use concealed hinges,
  • possibility to construct windows (turn, turn, and tilt-and-turn), as well as balcony doors in versions with a low threshold embedded in the floor with a low threshold mounted on the floor,
  • completely invisible, gravitational drainage system of the construction consisting in leading the condensate down and pushing it outside the windows using addtional drainage profiles,
  • possibility to combine with all variants of the FA 50N system,
  • possibility to use all fittings from Yawal offer.


Heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1,1 W/m2K
Air permeability class 4
Water resistance E1800 Pa
Wind load resistance class 5


Visible width

Frame profile 36 mm
Sash profile 35,4 mm
Folding frame and the opeining sash 71,4 mm