32 Dobra Apartments

APA Wojciechowski Sp. z o.o.
Wiga System s.c.

The apartment building is located in Warsaw at the crossing of Dobra and Zajęcza Street. The construction of this real estate began at the end of 2018 and was completed in May 2020. The eight-storey building serves as the apartment and commercial building. The floor space of available apartments is between 100 square metres and 265 square metres. The investment project was prepared by the office Apa Wojciechowski. The main goal of the architects was to create a functional building that is in harmony with the landscape of Powiśle area. The unique character of the project is underlined by natural finishing materials, such as wood, stone, brass, and veneer. Joinery in the 32 Dobra Apartments, made based on Yawal systems, is an elegant finish of the whole structure. 

Systems used